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O-Rings, Seals and Custom Molded Rubber

Seal Tech manufactures the highest quality O-Rings, Seals and Custom Molded Rubber Products for a variety of industries throughout North America and the world. We carry a large O-Ring inventory in many popular compounds available for immediate shipment.  We provide extensive sealing product knowledge, special application compounding, quick response, and exceptional customer service to distributors and OEMs alike…all at value pricing.

High Quality O-Rings

Every O-Ring manufactured by Seal Tech is built to stringent ASTM, FDA or customer specifications using only the finest raw materials. Our high-volume production equipment and management systems assure the best value and 100 percent guaranteed customer satisfaction. Seal Tech manufactures and works with O-Rings and O-Ring specifications every day and will be a valuable resource to your team.

O-Ring Inventory

Seal Tech stocks over 360 AS568 Sizes in five popular compounds. Every O-Ring meets an ASTM, FDA or customer material specifications with batch test reports available within 1 year of shipment.

Standard & Stock O-Ring Compounds

CompoundDescriptionTemp RangeDuroColorFDA*In Stock
V550-75FDA & 3A Sanitary Grade. Dupont-Dow Viton®, with exceptional chemical resistance-20 to +400F75BrownYesYes
V510-75FKM/Viton, with exceptional chemical resistance-20 to +400F75BrownNoYes
V500-75FKM/Viton, with exceptional chemical resistance-20 to +400F75BlackNoYes
V560-75An FDA Grade FKM/Viton, with exceptional chemical resistance-20 to +400F75BlackYesYes
S300-70FDA Grade Silicone compound for food & medical applications-80 to +400F70RedYesYes
N250-70An FDA Grade, Nitrile (Buna-N) compound-40 to +250F70BlackYesYes
N210-90A sulfur-cured, Nitrile compound for high pressure-40 to +250F90BlackNoNo
N200-70A general purpose, sulfur-cured Nitrile (Buna-N) compound-40 to +250F70BlackNoYes
E100-70FDA Grade EPDM compound for ozone, water & UV service-65 to +300F70BlackYesYes

Metric and Special Size O-Rings

Seal Tech is your convenient source for Metric and cO-rings.  In addition to making all 369 standard sizes, we also manufacture hundreds of non-standard sizes, standard metric sizes, including JIS & BS, and custom metric sizes. If Seal Tech does not have a mold for a non-standard size or a particular metric size, we can make one for you in sizes up to 100” ID for use in any application.

Custom Molded Products

Seal Tech manufactures and works with OEM design teams on a wide variety of high volume custom molded rubber seals, grommets, washers and specialty rubber shapes. Seal Tech regularly manufactures high volume seals for cost competitive applications and can work with your Purchasing or Engineering team to meet special performance or pricing requirements. In most cases, our reasonable tooling charges and low unit costs can be attractive enough to make switching your existing molded rubber seals beneficial and worthwhile.

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Seal Tech’s Custom Molded Product-Line Includes:

  • Grommets & Dampers
  • Electrical Components
  • Diaphragms & Washers
  • Specialty Shapes
  • Boots & Bellows
  • Ball Seals
  • Rubber-to-Metal Bonding
  • Teflon Products
  • Extruded Products
  • Packing Elements
  • Back-up Rings
  • Quad & Quattro Seals.
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Seal Tech manufactures RMA tolerance custom molded rubber seals per customer specification in sizes from ½” to over 30” for use in any application. From custom washers or gaskets to the most intricate diaphragm or boot, we have the experience to manufacture high volume rubber seals economically in the material you need.

Seal Tech utilizes a wide range of manufacturing processes to produce Custom Molded Rubber Products including:

  • 200 to 1,000 ton presses for various size parts and production volumes.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Injection Molding Presses.
  • Transfer molding for the most complex shapes.
  • In-House tooling for quick turnaround.
  • TS-16949 Quality System and industry leading production controls.
  • Very attractive pricing and a long-term record of price stability.